The following are some sound clips of Gigolo Joe (Jude Law) from the movie. Taken from here.

Gigolo Joe: "Once you've had a lover robot, you'll never want a real man again."

Gigolo Joe: "But you deserve much better in your life. You"

Gigolo Joe: "Ms. Bevans, it's Joe, at your service. I've been counting the seconds since the last we met."

Gigolo Joe: "I know ALL about women. About as much as there is to know. No two are ever alike and, after they've met me, no two are ever the same."

Gigolo Joe: " is the colour of melancholy. Yet, the services I provide will put a blush back on anyone's cheek."

Gigolo Joe: "I will change the colour of your fairy for you. She will scream out in the moonlight, 'Oh, oh yes! Oh God! Oh yes! Oh God! Oh God!' She will make you a real boy for I'll make her a real woman and all will be right with the world."

Gigolo Joe: "Many a Mecha has gone to the end of the world, never to come back. That is why they call the end of the world Manhattan."

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